We believe that mobility is a universal right

10 year old adventure

Where we come from

Neo Mobility is born from the ashes of a 10 years old car sharing company. The IT team recovered the platform and app then decided to start a 100% IT company. The goal is to provide services to companies looking for an efficient and reliable solution for their fleet.

The team is driven by a great affinity for IT as it understands that today it’s the best solution to improve productivity and profitability in a company. And also, by the vision that mobility should be a right in today’s society. That everybody should be able to use a means of transport in comfortable conditions and at an affordable price.

Where we are

After one year of hardcore development,
the platform is ready to roll!

The IT team doubled in size, the amount of functionalities doubled, and honestly, in our opinion, the overall quality doubled.

We now have an effective process to help us in project management, effective tools to deliver quick support and high-end security protocols.

We’ve put our solution

Where we’re going

“To infinity…and beyond!”

-Buzz Lightyear

Our vision is very clear: we want to make mobility accessible and affordable to everyone! We want to be an essential part of the mobility revolution and we want to make it count.

In the coming 12 months, we want to double our IT team again and help 10.000 people find a means of transport. And within 5 years, we want to push that goal to 1.000.000 people who use our solution for their day-to-day mobility.

If you’re inspired by our mission and you want to take part in the journey, join us! We’re pretty sure you’ll enjoy the ride!