Sharing companies love the reliability of our solution

NEO MOBILITY’s technology is the result of 10 years of experience in the shared mobility sector.
From setup to upscale, our Sharing Platform is built to suit all your business’ specific needs.

NEO MOBILITY is the industry’s most reliable, user-friendly platform with the only fully integrated, end-to-end solution that empowers fleets with ride sharing.

Need to start a new service? No problem! NEO MOBILITY is your turnkey solution for seamless expansion into new markets.

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Suited for your sharing business

Tailor-made white label solutions

Save time

Save time with a fully automated booking process.

Save money

Save money with smart and reliable vehicle follow up.

Improve UX

Improve user experience and fidelity with a smooth and fast performing app.

How does it work?

Our solution is composed of two tools: the ‘platform’ and the ‘app’.

  • The platform allows the sharing company to handle all the setup of their business. Managing the vehicles, the pricing setup, the booking types, customers groups, vehicle tracking, etc. It is your cockpit for managing your sharing business.

  • The app is used by your customers. It allows them to create their bookings, locate their vehicle, do the check-in and of course, unlock and start it!

suits any shared mobility business’ models

Our multimodal sharing platform fits all your company’s specifics needs

Step 01

Step 02

Step 03

  • Step 01

  • Step 02

  • Step 03

Choose vehicle type(s)


Set your operating model

Free-floating sharing
Station-based sharing
Mix free-floating and docks
Corporate sharing
Book/rent business
Peer-to-peer sharing

Tailor your sharing platform

Mobile apps
Management dashboard
Operational team apps
3rd party integration

fully Customizable app

Mobile App – iOS & Android

User-friendly, fast responsive and beautiful, our mobile app provides an easy and reliable mobility tool that will keep your customers happy.

our app supports:

  • All types of vehicles

  • All kinds of pricing and payments models

  • Unlimited languages

  • “Professional/Private” mode (suited for corporate sharing)

  • And many more…

Mobile App main features

multi-fleet oriented dashboard

Fleet Management
web portal

This is probably the most advanced fleet management tool available so far to deal with your fleet(s), users, bookings, pricing models, datas & reports, payments systems, invoices, fines,…

It allows you to easily manage your own fleets and your customers’ different fleets. You have total control on all settings and we will help you to customize them at your convenience, without limits.

Dashboard main features

connecting your vehicles is Fast and Easy

Connectivity & IoT

Our sharing platform is already integrated with different telematics systems and can be linked to any other IoT solution that will fit your needs.

Connectivity main features

neo mobility fulfills all your needs

Role Management & Integrations

Our sharing platform supports role management in order to let you configure what information will be seen and by whom in your company.

It’s also ready to integrate with any third party services that you need like your ERP, CRM, Accounting system, push notifications, analytics,…

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Main features in a nutshell

Mobile App

  • Easy registration

  • ID card verification

  • Driving licence verification

  • Easy booking system

  • Nice-looking UI

  • Vehicle’s conditions check

  • “Business” & “Private” rides (impact on pricing)

  • Unlimited languages


  • Real-time fleet data and location

  • Flexible pricing configuration

  • Users management

  • Charging stations management

  • Vehicles types management

  • Fines + Unpaids management

  • Vehicle’s conditions check

  • Multi-fleet management

  • Dynamic planning

  • Employee role management

  • Invoicing


  • Flexible payment models configuration. Pay per week, day, hour, minute, with or without fixed fee, …

  • Add different payment models to different types of vehicles

  • Pay per ride or Top-up wallet

  • Integrated with Stripe and Adyen

  • Integration with any other payment provider by request


  • NFC card support

  • Full remote control of the vehicle

  • Integration with any telematics systems

  • All types of vehicles in one app

Security & Privacy

  • Remote door locking

  • Remote engine locking

  • Integration with any telematics systems

  • Alert notifications system

  • GDPR compliant

need more specific features ?

Just let us know and we’ll develop them for you.

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So would we be!

In order to convince you, we propose you to try our solution for free. During 30 days, you’ll have full access to the platform & the app.
You can even link a vehicle for free if you want to! After the trial, you decide if you want to continue or stop. No question asked.

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we are making a difference


Prior to Neo Mobility’s solution, I had several problems with theft and vandalism on my vehicles. After having a second vehicle disappear into thin air, I decided that I had to take concrete action.

With Neo Mobility’s solution, I have a complete view of my fleet and I know at all times where each vehicle is and who is on board. Today, I have peace of mind knowing that each vehicle is secured and that if the vehicle behaves suspiciously, at the next stop I can stop the engine and disable the driver’s access.

In addition, the management platform is very intuitive and easy to use. I save an average of 12.5 hours per month on managing my fleet compared to the previous solution.

Ali M., M2A

I was looking for a partner who knew his business and who would give me the means to concentrate on my own. This is exactly what I found with the Neo Mobility solution.

I take care of the operational management of my fleet and they provide me with the software platform and the application to serve my customers.

Because of the flexibility of the solution, I can work in B2B, B2C and even B2B2C.

The carsharing platform continues to develop and is a perfect fit for the growth of my business.

Sébastien B., Moovee Mobility

The two words I would use to describe my experience with Neo Mobility are ‘safety’ and ‘customer experience’.

Since I know in real time where my vehicles are at all times, I have a much greater sense of security. In addition, my team was able to get to grips with the product very quickly thanks to the very intuitive interface. Even my customers tell me that they are very satisfied with the application for managing their vehicles.

And as the costs of the solution were completely amortized in a few months by the gains made in management time and in avoided problems, I am really pleased with this investment.

Olivier B., LeaseClub

Expert in our field

Strong of a 10 years experience in the mobility and car-sharing business, our team is perfectly fitted to deliver you the best solution

Made in EU

Our HQ is located in the hearth of Europe and our main partners all have their base located in EU

No commitment

We offer a month by month contract with the possibility to withdraw yourself every month

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